Our Story


K-LINE INSULATORS patented Universal Polymeric Line Post design. The live end fitting on this insulator is referred to as the K-Clamp™.

K-LINE INSULATORS patented Universal Polymeric Line Post design. The live end fitting on this insulator is referred to as the K-Clamp™.

K-LINE INSULATORS is well known internationally as an innovative Canadian manufacturer of high quality, high performance, Silicone Rubber Insulators.

The company was established in 1983 with its head office located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Today K-LINE INSULATORS also operates out of facilities in the USA and Mexico. K-LINE INSULATORS products are distributed world-wide through these offices and a consolidated network of representatives.

Product lines manufactured by K-LINE INSULATORS include transmission and distribution suspension/deadend, line post and station post insulators. Other products include riser support insulators, dead-end extension insulators, polymer-coated guy strains and specialty insulators for in-line switches, air-break switches, interphase spacers, railways and live line tools. These insulators are designed to the various standards (i.e. CSA, CEA, ANSI, IEEE, IEC, etc.).

K-LINE INSULATORS introduced the original Universal Polymeric Line Post design. It’s uniqueness and effectiveness was quickly recognized by the industry worldwide and became endearingly called the K-Clamp™.

K-LINE INSULATORS has excellent engineering resources and test facilities for product design and development. K-LINE INSULATORS uses its own proprietary technologies, designs and rubber formulations, in the manufacture of all its insulator products.

K-LINE INSULATORS’ highly developed proprietary silicone rubber formulation is characterized by its superior performance under contaminated conditions. All insulators are injection molded in a continuous one piece design and exhibit self-cleaning characteristics. The rubber is highly bonded to the fibreglass core strength member with impervious rod sealing system at the interfaces. These products have a long and proven performance record in severely contaminated environments.

K-LINE INSULATORS manufactures all of its products and is registered to the rigid Quality Assurance Standards of the ISO9001:2008 program. The company is audited on a continuous basis by its customers and an internationally recognized quality management auditing firm.

K-LINE INSULATORS is known for its readiness to listen to its Customers' needs for customized polymeric insulator designs that meet their special requirements. We offer appropriate support in the proper selection of insulators to suit the application, with training and documentation on special installation requirements.

K-LINE INSULATORS has a demonstrated commitment as a “Solutions Provider” to its global Clients. K-LINE INSULATORS is uniquely positioned to offer its capabilities through the business model it has adopted which is strongly entrenched in its belief in the immense value that Strategic Partnerships can bring to both sides of the business ledger – the Client side and the Supplier side. Through this affinity with its Clients, their system designs and operational challenges, K-LINE INSULATORS quickly earned the distinction of “Utility Specialists, supplying insulators to Utility Specialists”.

K-LINE INSULATORS is committed to a continuous improvement policy in quality, service, delivery and cost reduction. K-LINE INSULATORS takes much pride in its innovation of new products and the continuous improvements of existing products to ensure that the insulators are the most cost effective and have a long term system performance.

K-LINE INSULATORS staff are totally dedicated to continuous quality and performance improvement. They are dedicated to developing the best materials and designs that lead to optimum product solutions. They are also committed to manufacturing the best insulators possible.

K-LINE INSULATORS is sensitive and committed to the needs of its Customers and is always prepared to give them the service they expect and deserve.