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Product Catalogue

You may choose to download the entire catalogue or specific catalogue chapters from the list below.  Files are provided in PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download).

Chapters 1-7

Complete Catalogue (12MB zipped PDF file) download 

Chapter 1

Distribution Deadend-Suspension Insulators Cat D-DS download
Distribution Line Post Insulators Cat D-LP download
Distribution 69 kV LP Product Bulletin  download
Distribution Station Post Insulators Cat D-SP download


Chapter 2

Transmission Deadend-Suspension Insulators Cat T-DS download
Transmission Line Post Insulators Cat T-LP download
Transmission Station Post Insulator Cat T-SP download

Chapter 3

Guy Strain Insulators Cat GI download

Chapter 4

Extension Insulators and Extension Link Insulators Cat EI & ELI download

Chapter 5

TD Inter Phase Spacer Insulators Cat TD-IPS download

Chapter 6

Distribution Riser Support Insulators Cat D-RS download

Chapter 7

Standoff Brackets for Line Post Insulators download
Trunnion Clamp for Line Posts download
Insulator Studs for Line Posts download
Guy Roller download
Single Circuit Pole Top Framing Assembly download